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QUERY: I am seeking any information Barnhard Hart 1812-1887 who lived in Bloom Township. He was born in Pennsylvania and would like to know the community there. I have found him in the 1850 census but not prior to that. His daughter Barbara married a James Smith from Violet Township and subsequently moved to Ohio City, Ohio.

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QUERY: According to page 368 for the letter "G" for the year 1910 in OHIO DEATHS 1908-1932, a William H GAILEY died 08 Aug 1910 in Lancaster, Fairfield Co. Was he also buried in Fairfield County? All help appreciated. Thanks, Carolyn

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QUERY: Seek info on Elizabeth Hannah, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Hannah. Elizabeth was born Dec. 22, 1750 in Virginia. She married John Cooper in VA on Dec 21, 1798. Their daughter Rebecca Ann Cooper was born Aug 5, 1802 in VA and son William Cornelius born 1801 in VA. They came to Fairfield County, Ohio abt. 1805. John died Oct 1807 in Fairfield County. Elizabeth married David Wildermuth abt Oct. 27, 1810 and had 5 children: Matilda, Henry, John Hannah, Isaac and Eli. Rebecca Ann Cooper married Adam Brandt on Sept 10, 1821 and William Cornelius Cooper married Missoura Newkirk. Any information on any of the families will be appreciated. I also have much info to share.

SURNAME: Samuel KESLER & Polly MYERS KESLER and the first lots in the Town of Amanda
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QUERY: Page 289 &456 1834 Mathias Kestler, deceased. Children: David, Peter, Samuel and Andrew KESTLE, Elizabeth GARDNER, Molly LEATHERS, Mary w/o John HARE and Catharine BOWMAN. David dec'd, children: Jonathan, Michael, Martin and Adam KESTLER, Sally BOWERS, Eve FOSNAUGHT w/o Barnhart, Magdalene w/o David WURTSBAUGH, Martin dec'd had children Harriet of Pick. Co. SAMUEL s/o Mathias dec'd had one minor child ELIZABETH KESTLER. Eliz GARDNER dec'd her children: Susan BECHTEL, Polly BECHTEL, Betsy GARDNER, Catharine CHRISTE and minor Magdalene GARDNER p 19 Partition Record Abstracts Vol I 1812-1851 Fairfield County, Ohio by Jean Collier, Fa. Co. OGS 1987 1831 pg. 380 partition Abraham MYERS record Names wife Sarah remarried to Peter RIDENOUR, children: Abraham MYERS, John MYERS, Samuel MYERS, Polly KESTLER and minors Daniel and William MYERS. p 18 Partition Record Abstracts Vol. I 1812-1851 Fairfield County, Ohio by Jean Collier, Fa. Co. OGS 1987 THE State of Ohio Fairfield County, Pleas before the Honorable F. GRINKE, Esquire, President Judge of the Sixth Circuit of the court of Common Pleas ..., with Jacob D. DEITRICK, Elnathan SCOFIELD and David EWING Esquires his associates, Judges of the same court, Within and for Said county of Fairfield. ....MARCH TERM 1833: Polly Kestler adm of Samuel KESTLER , decd. - vs - Elizabeth KESTLER minor heir of said Samuel, decd. Petition to sell land to pay Debts --Be it remembered that heretofore towit, AT THE OCTOBER TERM 1827 the said Polly KESTLER filed in Court her Petition which is in the words and figurers following to wit, “To the Honorable Judges of the Court of Common pleas no in session in and for the county of Fairfield in the State of Ohio Not enough in the the estate to pay the expenses of administration on said Estate funeral expenses and the expenses of the last sickness of the said Samuel KESLER, there will not remain sufficient personal property to buy the debts against said estate and that said estate is wholly insolvent and there is not enough of property, including all the real and personal estate of said Samuel to pay his Debts. She further represents that the said Samuel at the time of his death owned and possessed in ...114 acres lying in the South East Quarter of sec 35, twp 13 range 20 lying in said county. Also 39 acres in the southeast quarter of sec 9 twp 13 range 20 Also in said county of the first tract in section 35, fifty acres were assigned to your petitioner fro her Dower ... sixty acres of that tract was sold to Abraham MYERS on an execution in his behalf against said estate by the sheriff of said county. He also owned a number of inlots in the Town of Amanda LAID OUT BY HIM on said quarter in section thirty five aforesaid your petitioner further states that said lands and lots will be necessary to the payment of the Debts due from the estate of said of said Samuel KESLER dec’d. She also states that said Kesler died intestate leaving one child: Elizabeth KESLER, a minor under 21 Years of age and who is made a Defendant to this petition and for whom the said Abraham MYERS is guardian. ... William W. IRVIN Att for Petitioner AND AT THE MARCH TERM 1829 of said court the above cause was continued. AND AFTERWARDS, TOWIT, AT THE JUNE TERM 1829 of said court [of Common Pleas] leave was given by the court to the complainant to amend her petition ... wholly insolvent ...She also states that the said Samuel KESTLER at the time of this death owned and possessed ... the whole of the South east quarter of Section 35 in Twp 13 Range 20, except three acres sold to Benjamin BOWMAN and so much of said quarter as was laid out in lots included in the plat of the Town of Amanda - your Petitioner also had her dower assigned her in said quarter. ... Your petitioner therefore prays the court the quarter Section of land aforesaid may bee appraised subject to the Dower of your Petitioner therein adding ? the three acres and town lots aforesaid and may be sold with the other lands in her first petition named to pay the debts against said estate ... Wm W. Irvin Att. for Petitioner. Wherefore at the Term last aforesaid of said court, the court appointed H. H. HUNTER (who accepted) guardian of Elizabeth ... ... ordered by the Court that Isaac GRIFFITH, John CONRAD and Philip WELSHIMNER view and appraise the same ... and report to court at the next term. AFTERWARD, TOWHIT, AT THE MARCH TERM 1830 of said court ... their report as follows: “State of Ohio, Fairfield County Court of Common Pleas October Term 1827 at which a Petition was presented by Polly KESLER Administrator of Samuel KESLER dec’d to be authorized to sell 39 acres of land part of the South east quarter of Section 9 Twp 12 and Range 20 in the County of Fairfield and Township of Clearcreek and Sundry Lots in the Town of Amanda in the Twp of Amanda to enable her to pay the debts of the said Samuel KESTLER ... and said court order Isaac GRIFFITH, John CONRAD and Philip WELSHIMER to appraise this Tract of Land and lots and make report to the court... That said land is Valued by us at $3.75 per acre and the lots in the Town of Amanda No’s 17 [through] 48 as marked in the plat of said town we did appraised to $3.50. Each lot in No’s 1 [through] 16 and 49 [through] 64 as marked in the said plat we did appraise at $1.50 ... AND AFTERWARDS, TOWIT, AT THE JULY TERM 1830 of the court aforesaid. It was ordered by the court that the former order ...be renewed & cause continued. AND AFTERWARDS, TOWIT, AT THE JUNE TERM 1831 of said court. It was ordered ,,, that Isaac GRIFFITH, Jr., Abraham MIDDLESWORTH and Michael NIGH appraise the land in said Petition mentioned and report to this court at this term being duly sworn ... Petition for sale of lands In this case the Petitioner made known to the Court that she was still unable to pay the debts due from the estate of the said Saml decd. and prayed to be authorized to sale and dispose of the remainder of the quarter Section of land named in said Petition, towit, the south east quarter of Sec 35 twp 13 Range 20 excepting 3 acres sold to Benj. BOWMAN and the Town lots in the Town of Amanda laid out on said quarter. It is ordered by the court that the prayer in said Petition be granted and that Isaac GRIFFITH, Jr, Abraham MIDDLESWORTH and Michael NIGH appraise the land, named in said Petition subject to the Widow’s Dower and make return to this court at this term ... ... we do estimate said quarter except that part that is contained in the town of amanda and excepting the three acres sold to Benjamin BOWMAN to be worth $4.00 per acre, subject to the Dower of the Widow as aforesaid. ... and this court ...do order and authorize the adm’s aforesaid giving notice of the time and place of sale according to law, taking care not to sell the same for less than 2/3 as the appraised value, thereof payable 1/3rd in hand 1/3rd in one year and 1/3rd in two years, with interest from the day of sale and report her proceeding to this court at next term AND AFTERWARDS, TOWIT, AT THE OCTOBER TERM 1831 of said Court the above cause was continued on motion to confirm sale. AND AFTERWARDS, TOWIT, AT THE MARCH TERM 1833.... Polly KESTLER, Admix. ... She died on the 13th day of December last past at the home of Joseph REED in the Town of Amanda in this county offer for sale and did then and there ... sale the South East quarter of Section 35,, twp 13 Range 20 except so much of said quarter section as is contained in the Town plat of said town of Amanda ... and except also a tract of three acres sold to Benjamin BOWMAN being a part of said quarter and except also a small tract of about seven acres sold to Daniel VANMETER ... excepting the Widow’s Dower, to one James DEVORN then and there $6.04½ per acre ... which bid the said James DEVORN transferred to John BOGTE ... the Polly admin. sell a number of lots in said Town of Amanda to the highest bidder Lot # 3 to Michl NIGH Esq. $1.65, Lot # 6 to Benjamin GALLAGHER $1.62, Lot #17 to Valentine HUFFMAN $5.31,Lot #15 Valentine HUFFMAN $1.26, Lot #16 Valentine HUFFMAN $1.12, Lot #49 to Adam PENCE 1.00, Lot #48 Adam PENCE $2.60, Lot #26 to Joseph TEMPLE $16.00, Lot #22 to Nath. WORREL $6.75, Lot #11 Nathan WORREL $4.75, Lot #18 to Henry RIDENOUR $4.56, Lot #43 to Thomas BARR $5.00, Lot # 42 Thomas BARR $6.37½, Lot #41 to Robert CARNS $7.25, Lot #35 to Henry CRISTY $5.00, Lot #63 to Jacob BECHTEL $2.25, Lot #62 to John CRISTY $2.75, Lot # 53 to John CHRISTY $3.00, Lot #60 to Jacob CONRAD $1.12½, Lot #57 to Samuel MYERS $3.64, Lot #56 to Warner SPITLER $1.00, Lot #50 to Warner SPITLER $2.00, Lot #35 to John LEATHERS $2.31, Lot #52 to James MOUSER $2.56 ½, ... ...on the 23rd day of February 1833 a the house of Joseph REED in said town of Amanda offer for sale ... thirty____ acres of land, lying in said county and being a part of the south east quarter of Sec 9 Twp 12 and range 20, for which tract of land Robert CARNS there and then bid the sum of $4.76 per acre. ... following inlots in said Town of Amanda ... sold in the manner following: Lot # 39 to Abrm STALL $8.25 Lot # 59 to Abrm STALL $1.13¾ Lot # 5 to Daniel COLLINS $1.37 Lot # 7 to Robert CARNS $1.02 Lot # 38 to Joseph REED $9.12½ Lot # 58 to Joseph TEMPLE $2.00 Lot # 61 to Joseph REED $1.00 ... All of said property was sold upon the terms aforesaid, towit, one third in hand, one third in one year and one third in two years. the Court further approved of the transfer of the bid of the quarter section aforesaid from said James DEVOUR to said John BOGLE and required of the said Polly on the receipt of the purchase money of said BOGLE to make to him a Deed in manner aforesaid. F. GRINKE 21 Jan 1837 Chancery Ct. John TEMPLE vs James MOUSER, Thomas HART and Polly HART, his wife, formerly Polly KESLER, Elizabeth KESLER and Joseph REED. In 1820 Samuel KESLER sold James MOUSER about 2 acres of land. Samuel KESLER died intestate, without making any conveyance of said land to said MOUSER. Later MOUSER sold the land to Joseph TEMPLETON...said KESLER left a widow, Polly KESLER, now intermarried with Thomas HART and one children Eliz. KESLER. Jos. REED adm of estate. p 111 Ohio Eagle Lancaster, Ohio 1814-1840 Genealogical Abstracts, Dorothy Hallarn Mercy 1990

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QUERY: Am researching the history of my home in Lancaster. It was built by Emmanuel NEUBAUER and his sister Sophia NEUBAUER around 1900. She died in 1924; he died in 1938, and his wife Ella died in 1942. They had no children so the home was inherited by nieces and nephews who sold it. I'm hoping to connect with someone who descends from this family in order to obtain an early picture of my home and/or pictures of the NEUBAUER family who built it.

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QUERY: I am searching for any and all info on the following: Eli Boyer married Julia Ann Conner in 1853. The marriage license listed Canal Winchester as their place of residence. I can find nothing before their marriage license. Eli disappears in 1856 after the birth of the third child. Julia remarries in Licking County. Any help would be so appreciated.

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QUERY: A number of sources say that a Joseph Stecker was naturalized at Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio in 1844. Would greatly appreciate any details. Having difficulty discerning whether this is my Amish-Mennonite ggg-grandfather or someone else. Joseph Staker Silverdale, WA

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QUERY: Looking for gravesite of CORNELIUS SULLIVAN born in Ireland abt. 1797. Lived in Sugar Grove, Ohio in the 1840's. Wife was Ellen McCarthy, also born in Ireland. Possibly buried in Athens County. Also had so CORNELIUS. He is buried in St Marys Cemetary in Lancaster, Ohio.

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QUERY: I would like to know if the Smith thompson who was in the Butler county Infirmary in the 1850 census was the son of Abner thompson, husband of Sarah Roll thompson and father of Elizabeth Thompson Wood. Also, if he had other children or a second wife

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QUERY: My dad served with a Walter Pillows in Co. C of the 328th Medical Battalion of the 103d Infantry Division during WWII. My dad is 85 now and for years I have been tracking down the men who served with him. A Walter Pillows is known to have died at Millersport, OH in Dec. of 1967. Is it possible that someone might be able to locate the obituary for this Walter Pillows to see if he served in the Medical Corps during WWII? Thanks for any help. Sincerely, Baxter B. Fite III

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QUERY: Does anyone know if there was or is a GREEN church in or near Lancaster and if they would still have records? I'm looking for baptism, birth, marriage records for the Williamson family from the early 1800's. Thanks, Ruth

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QUERY: Elizabeth Avey married Jacob Shook 3 May 1853

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QUERY: H.V. WEAKLEY is noted in HISTORY OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY CHAPTER X as one of originators of the Horticultural Society. Was this Henry V. Weakley and if so, is there any other information about him? Thank you very much.

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QUERY: I am trying to find out about Odessa Mae Coleman. She was my Mother's cousin but I don't know how. My Mother's name was Velma J Crist Souders. Her parents were Hazel Ballmer Crist & Vernon Crist. Odessa was in the Armed Forces, eiher a WAC or a WAVE. We know she was married, and passed away sometime in the early 60's to early 70's. Can you help?

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QUERY: I am looking for any surviving kin folk of Gail Pairan of Fairfield County, OH. He passed in 1985 and at that time was married to Glorida Pairan who passed in 2002. If anyone with information regarding the above I would greatly appreciate it as I am Gail's granddaughter.

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QUERY: I am looking for information on the Billman family. My ancestor, George Billman m. Elizabeth Powell on 10 Sept. 1837 In Fairfield Co. They moved to Seneca Co., Ohio where they eventually divorced. He then moved to Allen Co., Indiana about 1865 where he married and raised another family. Need his parents - I believe he had brothers John, Richard and Daniel who resided Noble Co., IN. Jeannine Hardy

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QUERY: Looking for records from the Fairfield County Children's Home, circa 1880-1900. I am particularly interested in admission and release records. Thank you.

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QUERY: Do any of you have any ancestors that were involved in the local stone cutting industries in Ohio? I am also interested in seeing tools that were used in the work.

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QUERY: We have a silver pitcher that was presented to Major and Mrs. Cornyn in 1868 by General William Tecumseh Sherman. The wife of Cornyn was Helen Louise Hunter, daughter of Hock Hunter and Ann Matlack. We are trying to find information on Maj. Cornyn. Any information would be appreciated.

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