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E-MAIL: deglz@aol.com
DATE: 11 Dec 2009
QUERY: Would like any information on John Miller (born 1885) and Married Susan Kraner (born Sept 1887 Fairfield Co. OH). Child Mary Catherine Miller born 7 March 1923 Fairfield Co. OH. She married Raymond rhoads Jr of Franklin Co. OH. She just recently died in Nov 2009. Raymond Rhoads Jr parents are Raymond Rhoads Sr. and Doris Sheley (my ancestor). Thank you.


E-MAIL: zipper1@cableone.net
DATE: 20 Nov 2009
QUERY: Hupp Cemetery records. There is a file from the OGS that stages in Section IV pages 114 and 115 that HUPP family was buried. Andrew J, Andrew J. Jr., George R., Caroline W., and Elizabeth. I think there was one more as I can\'t find the page again. Can someone tell me where they are buried and the dates? Thanks, Jim Eason


E-MAIL: edward.donovan@cchmc.org
DATE: 23 Nov 2009
QUERY: Looking for information on Edward Joseph Donovan, tailor who worked in Lancaster, Ohio likely around 1920\'s and 1930\'s.


E-MAIL: harsh8@aol.com
DATE: 27 Oct 2009
QUERY: Hashbarger, Abraham, Sr. I\'ve located the tombstone of my ancestor in the New Salem, Ohio Cemetery. The stone needs to be replaced. Can someone in the Genealogical society at Lancaster, OH look up his death record so we can get the dates accurately engraved on his stone? He died around 1830.
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E-MAIL: robin@landisfarms.com
DATE: 20 Oct 2009
QUERY: I am looking for family members of Charles R. Goslin, historian.


E-MAIL: quiltinliz5@verizon.net
DATE: 29 Sep 2009
QUERY: Seeking information on Benjamin BOWMAN who moved from \"Fairfield County, Boling (?) Green Twp, Northwest of the Ohio\" sometime before 1792 when he purchased land in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. What records exist for that period of time and for that place?


E-MAIL: wtleister@sbcglobal.net
DATE: 26 Sep 2009
QUERY: Seeking birth and marriage records for grandfather and ggrandparents. Charles (Charly) KELLER b. 1872 Fairfeild Co, OH, son of George G. KELLER b. Dec 1832 Portage, Oh, and Mary Catherine CAMPBELL, b. 18 May 1842, Bern Twp, Fairfield, OH, M. abt 1858, Fairfield Co, OH. Mary was the dau. of Charles CAMPBELL and Barbara FREED. Any help you can give me about these births and marriage will be greatly appreciated. Bob Lyster, POBox 142, Baldwin, MI 49304-0142 wtleister@sbcglobal.net


E-MAIL: margie_s43119@yahoo.com
DATE: 05/28/2008
QUERY:My great-grandfather: James L. HICKMAN, b.4 Mar 1846 Fairfield Co., d.7 May 1919 Frankfort, Ross Co., OH. Married 1891/92 Alatha D. LECHLITER. Civil War papers state he was born at Clearport. His death certificate lists father: Henry HICKMAN b.'states', mother: Minerva BIXLER b.'states'. Research of Henry HOCKMAN (Hickman) of Pleasant Township does not seem to fit. In the 1840 census Henry had a wife who could have been Minerva's age, but in 1850 and 1860 he has a wife Sarah or Mary, but no son James. James' wife Alatha was from Royalton, the daughter of Daniel LECHLITER and Mariah Ann SLOUGH. I have been searching and searching for Henry HICKMAN and Minerva BIXLER - does anyone have any clues? Help would be appreciated. / Dianne

E-MAIL: margie_s43119@yahoo.com
DATE: 05/28/2008
QUERY:Minerva BIXLER married Henry HICKMAN, they were parents of my great-grandfather James L. HICKMAN, b.4 Mar 1846 in Fairfield County. Does anyone know who Minerva's parents were or anything about her? Help would be greatly appreciated. / Dianne

E-MAIL: jjmatv@comast.net
DATE: 06/13/2008
QUERY:Seeking information on John and Mary BAIRD "of Rush creek, Fairfield County, Ohio" in May, 1806, per a deed of land in Westmoreland County PA. Believed to be a brother of James, William etc. of Cumberland County PA.

E-MAIL: katermae1@msn.com
DATE: 06/14/08
QUERY:Looking for information on the families of Altman, Searfoss and Messimore who lived in Pickaway/Fairfield Counties in the early 1800s. Adam and Hannah Altman, Christian and Lovina Searfoss, and the Messimores all came from Westmoreland PA. Most moved on to Hancock Co. in around early 1830s. If you come across these names in your research, please drop me an email.

E-MAIL: warrenklucas@gmail.com
DATE: 06/28/2008
QUERY:I am trying to place one of my great grandfathers, Benjamin Miller, in a family in the county. He left home before the 1850 Federal Census, when individual names began appearing on the record. I have narrowed the target families based on children of the appropriate age and birthplace of the father. If you have anything to offer, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Benjamin MILLER b. 18 Feb 1828 in Fairfield Co, Ohio m. 30 Nov 1853 to Mary J. LOUGHTON in Indiana d. 20 Mar 1906 in Skiatook, Osage, Oklahoma Possible Fairfield County families: (1) Henry and Catherine MILLER, Dwelling 791, Family 818, Hocking Twp, 1850 Census (most likely in my opinion) (2) Jeremiah and Elizabeth MILLER, Dwelling 92, Family 95, Bern Twp, 1850 Census (3)Daniel and Julia MILLER, Dwelling 137, Family 139, Greenfield Twp, 1850 Census

E-MAIL: christine@great-chishill.demon.co.uk
DATE: 07/02/2008
QUERY:Seeking parents, siblings, birth, death and marriage, etc. of John Douglas MARTIN (1819 in OH -1898? in Lancaster). His wife was Mary Jane HERMAN (1821?-?)m. Believe his sister was Emily MARTIN (1810 in VA?. John and Mary Jane's children: Clara, Herman, William, Rose, Edwin, George, Charles, Adell.

E_MAIL: greizes@aol.com
QUERY:Where might I find a copy of the will and estate settlement papers for Andrew Wickizer who died Luzerne County, PA, 21 Feb 1844?

E_MAIL: greizes@aol.com
QUERY:Looking for information on Hannah WICKIZER, born 12 Nov 1803, at Wilkes-Barr, Luzerne Co., PA.

E_MAIL: tonda@bright.net
QUERY:My mother is Roberta (Mitchell) Humphrey, her parents were Rosa (Hawk) Mitchell- Hunt and Robert Mitchell, their children: Raymond, Carol, Roberta and Wesley. They divorced, Robert remarried Shirley Hillard(mom thinks this is her last name) their children as far as my mom can remember are Richard, Shirley and Jewell or Julie. My mom has not seen any of the children from her dad's second marriage and would love to see them. Wesley is in a nursing home, Raymond and Carol have passed Mom is now 69 yrs. old. If anyone knows any of the children from the second marriage please let them know they have a sister that really wants to see them. I am her daughter Tonda (Humphrey) Hatfield. Please contact me with any info at tonda@bright.net. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Tonda

E-MAIL: robertam55@clearwire.net
DATE: 05/24/2008
QUERY:Looking for information and the death dates for Isaac FAIRCHILD and Sophia STRUCKMAN, living in Fairfield County in 1850s,1860s and 1870s. Sophia STRUCKMAN FAIRCHILD is listed in the 1870 Federal Census,living in Greefield township, showing my grandmother Angeline FAIRCHILD as age 10. Roberta Marshall robertam55@clearwire.net

E-MAIL: Kcsweet1999@att.net
DATE: 05/14/2008
QUERY: I am looking for any info on Fred Murphy, he has a daughter (I believe) and her name was Betty Pancake. Estell was Fred's wife. Any info on this family would be wonderful! We know nothing as Betty was led to believe someone else was her father and there is a huge secret that no one is to know about.

E-MAIL: dan_cone@hotmail.com
DATE: 05/14/2008
QUERY: COMER, Harry. Looking for all information (date of birth, place of birth, date of death, etc.) regarding Harry COMER, a member of Company A of the 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry (1861-1864), which was raised in Lancaster; presumably COMER was a Lancaster city/Fairfield county native, but uncertain. Was member of Lancaster Eagle newspaper staff before Civil War. Thanks,Dan Cone (770) 354-5157 dan_cone@hotmail.com

E-MAIL: gbiggs@columbus.rr.com
DATE: 05/10/2008
QUERY: Nathaniel Keeran b. December 11, 1801 in Fairfield County, Ohio to Ruben Benjamin Keran and Agnes. I am looking for additional informaton on Ruben and Agnes. I am a great great great grandson on Ruben.

E-MAIL: dondude4@yahoo.com
DATE: 04/30/2008
QUERY: My grandmother was vola myers, her father was William H. Myers b. 1869 possibly in Rush Creek. His father was ( i think) Joseph b. 1838. Can't decipher if Joseph was born in Ohio or Germany. Does this info connect to anyone ? Any clue would be appreciated. Kay

E-MAIL: kagay@nytimes.com
DATE: 04/22/2008
QUERY: Seeking the grave of Mary Warner KAGEY, wife of Stephen KAGEY. Mary was born 1835, daughter of Samuel WARNER. She married Stephen KAGEY in 1856 and they lived in Walnut Twp. adjacent to her parents for some time, then moved into Thurston. I think Mary died before 1897 since she is referred to as deceased in an 1897 Fairfield Co. partition abstract. Stephen lived until 1921 and is buried at the Licking County Home Cemetery. But I have never been able to locate Mary's grave. Two daughters who died as children are buried at the Primitive Baptist Churchyard at Thurston. It's possible Mary was buried at the WARNER family cemetery on Cherry Rd. in Walnut Twp. north of Baltimore, but I can find no stone or record. I've been searching for this for 25 years, and have looked at every page of the death records for the 1890s at the courthouse in Lancaster. Can anyone provide a clue? - Mike Kagay, Princeton, NJ

E-MAIL: carolynjenkins52@hotmail.com
DATE: 04/19/2008
QUERY: I am looking for the parents of W.C.Cochran (I believe his first name was Wellington) b.1826 and his wife Isabell Hoffman b 1824. They appear in the 1860 Census in Clearcreek Township. Their children are Charles, b1857, Daniel, b1859, and James, b1860. Any information would be appreciated.

E-MAIL: royalty@hanover.edu
DATE: 04/17/2008
QUERY: I am looking for information on William Gobel Wells, dob 9-25-1898, Trimble County KY, parents James Wells and Alice Monroe. Bill was my grandfather, he and my grandmother divorced when my father was two years old. My grandmother did not allow him to have any contact with my father. We believe that he was living in the Cincinnati area in 1934. I do know that his family contacted my father in the early 1980ís to say that Bill had passed away, he was in Ohio at the time. My father is gone and my mother does not have a very good memory of things now so I have very little to go on. I have been able find his sister and his brothers and parts of their families but not Bill. If you have any information on him would you please send it to me. I would very much like to find his location. Thanks Mary

E-MAIL: alvandbarb@yahoo.com
DATE: 04/15/2008
QUERY: HAMILTON -Searching for two brothers - *Robert b. 1824 posibly m. Fairfield Co. & served Civil War. *John L. b. sept. 1836. Posibly father's name John. Need information of parentage to further ancestry. Thank you.

E-MAIL: dbmichael58@yahoo.com
DATE: 04/02/2008
QUERY: Need death certificates of MICHAEL WEBER and spouse ANNA FANTZ WEBER. MICHAEL WEBER died March 18, 1897 in Fairfield County, Ohio. ANNA nee FANTZ WEBER died November 13, 1898 in Fairfield County Ohio. They are buried in Meyers Cemetery near North Berne, Ohio.

E-MAIL: gmbaumgartner@hotmail.com
DATE: 03/25/2008
QUERY: My great grandfather's name was Harry Matlack abt 1871 (+/-5 years). He was reported to be born in Fairfield County. He married Susie Wikely in 1891 and had a son Frank Matlack (my grandfather). Grandfather never spoke of Harry (for reasons I have recently uncovered) and even gave my grandmother a wrong name of Henry Matlack. If anyone can tell me anything about Harry or who his parent may have been so that I can continue with this line it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Gina Baumgartner

E-MAIL: chharsh@fuse.net
DATE: 03/23/2008
QUERY: Between 1850 and 1880 there existed a building on Main St at the junction of the Hocking Valley Canal. It was called "Henry Snyder Canal Hotel." Does anyone have information about this? The owners were Henry and Catherine (HENGST) SNYDER. Thanks for any help. Clara Harsh

E-MAIL: eybpab@sbcglobal.net
DATE: 3/18/2008
QUERY: I am looking for info on my great grandfather, Jacob Elsworth Alspaugh. He was born in Ohio in about 1840, married Ruth Mccracken in Franklin county in 1862,and I do not know where or when he died. Also, his father, Henry Alspach, born in Berks County, Pa. in 1791, died in Ohio. I do not know where or when he died. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Pat Allspaugh Bateman

SURNAME: MARSHALL STRAIN on 1930 census Clear Creek Fairfield OH
E-MAIL: wfriis@alo.com
DATE: 3/12/2009
QUERY: MARSHALL-STRAIN-THURMAN-ADAMS-BOND-MORRIS-HAYES-GILKERSON-MATHENY-GREENO-KINEDENST 1 Charles Oliver MARSHALL 1888 - 1943 Burial: OH Union Grove Cem wife Mary Louise STRAIN 1893 - 1962 Burial: OH Union Grove Cem they had Children 12 Alive in 1962 28 grand kids 7 great grand kids CHILDREN: -- Clarence R MARSHALL 1913 - 1998 his wife Mae 1913 - -- James S MARSHALL -- Ralph Emerson MARSHALL 1926 - 2002 widow wife Margaret 1926 - alive 1996 -- Harold H MARSHALL 1919 - 1981 Burial: OH arlington cem s on rte 33 wife Ruby THURMAN 1922 - 1997 OH Arlington Memorial Cem -- Helen Mae MARSHALL 1912 - 1998 ......husband ADAMS -- Clara Belle MARSHALL 1913 - 1996 widow husband Henry BOND 1899 - 1987 -- Louise E MARSHALL 1922 - alive 1962 husband MORRIS -- Corel Coral MARSHALL 1924 - alive 1996 lancaster OH husband Pat HAYES -- Joy V MARSHALL alive 1996 1st husband GILKERSON *2nd Husband Jim MATHENY -- Mabel M MARSHALL 1916 - alive 1962 ashville husband GREENO -- Marvine T MARSHALL + KINEDENST Floyd MARSHALL 1928 - not in father obit in 1943 PLEASE any one connected with this family I would like contact with them Thank you Wanda wfriis@aol.com

E-MAIL: Nevanish@aol.com
DATE: 03/10/08
QUERY: Looking for two sisters, Sherry (74) and Cherry now about (67)Vanarsdale. They lived on the fathers dairy farm that seemed about 15 miles east from downtown Columbus, OH. Last contact about Jan 1961. Checked several obits for parents but no survivors so named. Parents would be about 95 now. Sherry possibly an RN but can find no record in Ohio. Need info on mutual friend and now after a month of foraging thru geno records, am also interested in contacting the ladies. Any help appreciated. Maj. Nick Evanish, AF (Ret.) Gulfport, MS tel. 228-863-8688

E-MAIL: rdpdezign@yahoo.com
DATE: 03/10/2008
QUERY: Searching for marriage certificate around 1912 of Alexander LEDINGHAM (1-9-1868 Scotland))and Bessie TIGNER (7-17-1880 Ohio)as well as Birth certificates for Earle (1913)and Frederick (4-2-1915)LEDINGHAM in Lancaster Ohio

E-MAIL: jpisme2@aol.com
DATE: 03/08/2008
QUERY: 1860 Census for Richland Townhip, Fairfield County, Ohio shows an Andrew J. Baker 9 months living in the household of Adleman and Barbara Baker. Seeking a birth date on this Andrew Baker and death dates if any on the parents. Would there be any genealogy records on this family?

E_MAIL: tljas@myvine.com
DATE: 3-3-2008
QUERY: Elizabeth Spohn, mother of Samuel Spohn, born 1788 in Pennsylvania, died March 1862 in Fairfield County, Ohio. Son Samuel Spohn married Sarah Rudolph. Elizabeth Spohn lived with Michael Lantz and wife Anna (Spohn) Lantz in 1860 federal census. She was residing with Moncrieff in 1862 at time of her death. Moncrieff's infant son Perry died at same time and the grandmother and grandson were buried in separate graves side by side. The letter to daughter-in-law in Indiana was postmarked West Rushville. Am searching for burial place, information on Elizabeth's spouse, settlement of estate for which Moncrieff was appointed administrator.

E_MAIL: sciman@csupomona.edu
DATE: 3/2/2008
QUERY: On this website, there is a note that Henry Eyman, a patriot from the revolutionary war died in 1850 and is in Pleasant Hill Chapel Cemetery in Richland Township of Fairfield County. I need help in finding this though. At one website for cemeteries in Fairfield I see a number of "Pleasant Hill" Cemeteries in the county, but none are listed in Richland, and none with the "Chapel" attached. I would deeply appreciate any help in locating those Eymans. Thanks so much -- sciman@csupomona.edu

E_MAIL: jroark1@indy.tds.net
DATE: 2/29/08
QUERY: I found a family history on Rootsweb posted by Sally Cain-Mathews who states she is from Lancaster,Ohio.Included was a photo of her grandmother as a teen.This girl is a niece of my ggrandmother and I have a photo of her and her family when she was a little girl.I would like to share with Sally but her email is not good anymore.I know I should not ask for a living person search but if anyone knows Sally could you please give her my email address? Thanks for listening, Jeany Roark

E_MAIL: lindahicks3865@sbcglobal.net
DATE: 02-15-08
QUERY: I am in need of a copy for an obituary for a Gertrude M. Dieckman Purcell. Her death date is April 17, 1994 so I would think the obit would be a day or so later. I am particularily interested in the cemetery that she is buried in. Thank you for any help.

E_MAIL: retiredmwmo2005@hotmail.com
DATE: 2/09/08
QUERY: I'm trying to locate someone that knew the elderly lady that rented sleeping rooms in her house on Main St.to the construction workers,I realize shes'probably deceased by now and her daughter also.But her daughter also had a daughter that helped her that would be around 59 now.I promised my Dad I would do my best to contact someone from that family, but I've tried every place and can't get a response.Thank You

E_MAIL: SueMcC55@comcast.net
DATE: 02/05/2008
QUERY: If Clarissa Skeen Blessing Moore (aged abt 70 yrs), 2nd wife of Strother Moore, died in Jan 1843, Greencastle, Fairfield, OH, would there be any evidence that she was buried there in a local cemetery? County Records? Sexton's Book? Headstone inscription? Obituary or Death Notice? This is a new OH-county for me, so I don't know is available to out-of-state researchers.

E_MAIL: aworkinprogress2@yahoo.com
DATE: 01/22/2008
QUERY: Having just found some new information concerning my Kelly Family, which connects to the Phillip Sheets (Catherine Polan) Family from Berne Twp, I have reason to think maybe my Edward Kelly lived in Berne Twp or other area of Fairfield County prior to moving to Center Twp in Mercer County. The Abraham Fast Family may be connected as well. Anyone with information please contact me. Thanks.

E_MAIL: edpat302@austin.rr.com
DATE: 01/21/2008
QUERY: I am looking for the parents of Clarence Edward KELLER, my grandfather (born 11-3-1874, died 2-21-1952 in Bremen, Ohio) who was married to Mary Florence MOYER daughter of Daniel MOYER (born 1-16-1843, died 3-3-1921) and Angeline SPANGLER (died 4-17-1904). Clarence Keller was buried in Grandview Cemetery in Bremen. I also cannot locate Angeline Spangler Moyer's birthdate. I believe that she was buried in Jerusalem Church Cemetery in Bremen. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Ed Keller

E_MAIL: baderrm@msn.com
DATE: Jan 15, 2008
QUERY: Need help to establish positive genealogy info for Thomas Watson Sr identified as Rev War vet. He is buried at New Salem, Ohio. The DAR will no longer accept applications in his name; they say this is the wrong man. Laura Watson Bader baderrm@msn.com

E_MAIL: jebutler@dave-and-barb.com
DATE: 1/08/2008
QUERY: Looking for the tombstone of Harriet GREEN. born 1901-1902 died 1981.May be buried beside Audrey Melvin. Thanks, Jean

E_MAIL: seggelke@insightbb.com
DATE: 1/2/2008
QUERY: I'm renewing my search for info on Henry Baker (1787-1854). There is documentation dated Feb. 1, 1807 in Thorn Twp., Fairfield co., Ohio stating that Henry Baker, age 18 1/2, dissolved his apprentship as a Wagonmaker. He was born in PA , according to family legend his father Jacob Baker had him out of wedlock, (later he adopted him)Jacob Baker was suppose to have been a Revolutionary war solider from Germany (maybe Jacob Becker?). Also Henry married Mary Binkley in Fairfield County in 1808. I have nothing on Henry's father or mother. Some info on his children...HE HAD 15. He later lived and died in Allen county, Ohio. Any info would be apprecaited...glad to share what I have too. Barb Seggelke

E_MAIL: mkorgie@southwind.net
DATE: 01/01/2008
QUERY: Looking for the marriage record of William COOK and Elizabeth / Betsey CARPENTER believed to have been married in Fairfield County, Ohio, May 9, 1816. Looking for parents and children.

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