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DATE: 04 Feb 2011
QUERY: Trying to find info on Samuel Nye, Neu or Nigh, born 1815 in Maryland, but moved to Fairfield County, Ohio. Father\'s name was John Adam Nye, Nigh or Neigh, born 7/25/1795 in Maryland.

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DATE: 05 Feb 2011
QUERY: DAVID CARPENTER (son of JOHN CARPENTER) married first Susanna Carpenter. DAVID is said to have married Susannah KREIDER, who was a widow?, after his first wife died in 1840. Looking for any and all information regarding this second wife, Susannah KREIDER.

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DATE: 05 Feb 2011
QUERY: DAVID CARPENTER (son of JOHN CARPENTER) married SUSANNA CARPENTER (daughter of EMANUEL CARPENTER, JR) in Earl Township,Lancaster. PA on 27 November 1794. They moved to Bern Township, Fairfield, OH where they had NEHEMIAH CARPENTER in 1808. Are there any anychurch records existing that could prove that NEHEMIAH is their son? Did Susanna CARPENTER who died in Fairfield County, March of 1840, leave a will that names Nehemiah as her son? Did DAVID CARPENTER who died in Fairfield County 30 March 1847, leave a will that names Nehemiah as his son?

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DATE: 05 Feb 2011
QUERY: MARY JOHNSON/JOHSTON married Nehemiah CARPENTER on 1 January 1828 in Fairfield County. It is said that MARY JOHNSON/JOHSTON was born 4 April 1811 in Columbus, Ohio and that her parents were John B. JOHNSON/JOHNSTON and Rebecca KNOX. Trying to confirm last name of Mary and would like to know 1) if her parents may have died in Fairfield, and if not, where did they die and is there a tombstone? 2) if they left any kind of will or probate records that could be used to prove that MARY JOHNSON/JOHNSTON was their daughter 3)did MARY have any siblings and 4)anyone have any proof of the spelling of the last name?

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DATE: 07 Feb 2011
QUERY: Iam trying to find out any connection between Frank Myers, son of Andrew Myers, and Georgiann Bland. Frank Myers was born 1845, Georgiann was born Georgiann Campbell in 1844. in bloom township. Mainly, I need the year they were married. I suspect that they had a daugther, Drusilla, born in April 1880 but can not find any record of their marriage.

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DATE: 14 Feb 2011
QUERY: Looking for any information on Robert (possibly Robert Charles) Crouch birth date 28 December 1830, likely in Fairfield County as siblings born there. Father- Abraham Crouch, Mother- Sarah Johnson. Robert, later known as Sandy Bob in California Gold Mining area and Tombstone Az probable left Ohio in 1849 to 1852. Thanks, Bob Crouch 562-439-4179.

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DATE: 26 Feb 2011
QUERY: This regards a query left here in 2005 about Eli & Matilda Barr Hammel. I tried sending info, but email bounced. I have no record of Matilda\'s parents, but Samuel Barr (son of Thomas & Magdalena Barr) married Catherine Hammel the same year. I suspect the Barrs were siblings. Both couples are buried at Dutch Hollow. I also have records for six children to Eli & Matilda, not five. Please contact for more info.

DATE: 07 Mar 2011
QUERY: There is information the Maria elizabeth BRUMBAUGH HIESTAND is buried in Liberty Township, Faifield County, Ohio. There is no cemetery listed. Can anyone find her grave for me? Barbara

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DATE: 24 Mar 2011
QUERY: Looking for affirmation (and any other information) that William Huston (b 1786 in Maryland)lived in Fairfield County. His wife\'s name was Mary. They had at least two sons - Jacob Huston (b 1830) and James Huston (b 1833). Both sons were born somewhere in Ohio. There also may be a daughter named Mary (older than the two boys). In the 1850 census the family is living in Wyandot County. Can find no trace of William and family prior to 1850 but believe they may have been in Fairfield County. If you have any information that can help me I would appreciate it. Please contact Mary Edwards at mje55@hotmail.com.

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DATE: 14 Apr 2011
QUERY: I am looking for any information relative to a Nathaniel Keeran, son of Ruben Keeran possibly born in Fairfield County 12 May 1802 and his wife, Eliza Ellen Whetstone born in Fairfield County 2 Jan 1816. An help is appreciated.

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DATE: 07 Apr 2011
QUERY: I am helping a lady in Oklahoma City apply for the Mayflower Society, based on her descent from Billings Allen and his first wife, Lucy Bull. I have seen it stated that Billings received something from his grandfather\'s estate. Does anyone have documents linking Billings to Lemuel or Silas Allen? I would really appreciate finding out more about these men. Kathy Patterson State Historian, Oklahoma Society of Mayflower Descendants

SURNAME: Manning
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DATE: 05 Apr 2011
QUERY: My wife is the descendent of Benjamin Manning and Ruth Beam (dau of Jesse), who were both born in Fairfield County abt 1810 and moved to GA, through their son Reuben Halsey Manning. The only Manning I can find in Fairfield County prior to Benjamin was the Ambrose Manning listed in the 1790 census. The Beams and Mannings seem to have been associated with the Colemans and Halsells. However, I have found several family genealogy sites that list an Ambrose Manion as being connected to the Halsells, Colemans and Beams. I have found articles claiming that Irish Manion was Anglicized to Manning, and that Halsell sometimes became Halsey. This leads me to two questions: 1. Is the Ambrose Manning in the 1790 census the Ambrose Manion connected to the Halsells, etc.? 2. Is there any documentation still sitting in some archive and not yet posted, that proves that Benjamin Manning is the son of Ambrose?

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DATE: 30 Mar 2011
QUERY: I wish to find the burial place of John Julian and his wife Elizabeth Butler Julian. The Clear Creek Cemetery book and the FFCoGS master cemetery index indicate that they are buried in Tarlton Cemetery, but they are not there. The listing in the index points to the Clear Creek Cemeteries book index which does list them, but they are only indexed there because they are mentioned in a note about descendants, not because they are there in Tarlton Cemetery. Can anyone help me or give me a direction in which to look? John was a prominent man and a JP in Clear Creek township, marrying many couples, as well as being one of our pioneers in Fairfield County.

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DATE: 29 Mar 2011
QUERY: Looking for info: Samuel Abernathy b. 4/16/1814 Mary Eliza Abernathy b. 3/14/1848 Hugh Abernathy b. 1738 John Jarrett b. 11/3/1775 Jesse Martin b. 2/10/1802

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DATE: 21 Apr 2011
QUERY: Looking for someone to help me locate burial place of Elizabeth Spohn, died in West Rushville, b 1789 in Pennsylvania d 9 Mar 1862 in West Rushville. Buried next to grandson, Perry Moncrief. Information obtained from letters written by her son-in-law A. B. Moncrief upon her death. Also interested in her children Rebecca Spohn Moncrief, Samuel Spohn (later moved to Indiana), and Anna Spohn Lantz (husband Michael). Any help would be appreciated--cannot pay huge research fees.

SURNAME: Tomlinson
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DATE: 21 Apr 2011
QUERY: Searching for anything on a HENRY TOMLINSON b 1818 Ohio d 1887 Ind. He marr a Lydia Jane ? bef 1855 her death date. He marr 1862 Martha Lidghard in Cass Co., In. I have a copy of a land Patent? Issued to a Henry Tomlinson in Fairfield Co., Oh. issued in 1805. Wondering if anything can be found on this family for Henry 1805 may possibly be Henry 1818\'s son?? Thank you in advance Dan Cotner Also researching Cotner, Cortner, Curtner, Gaetner

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DATE: 22 Apr 2011
QUERY: Seeking info on Peggy YOUNG, baptized at First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, on 20 Sep 1811. Father listed as Robert. Siblings Elizabeth,Jane,John, William and Robert.

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DATE: 23 Apr 2011
QUERY: Which of the German Reformed Churches of Fairfield County did George Weisz minister in the mid 1840s?

SURNAME: Spohn, King and Binkley
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DATE: 27 May 2011
QUERY: I am trying to find information on Adam Spohn who married Elizabeth King and their children, especially a daughter, Marilis. Adam\'s father was Philip Spohn and mother was Catharine Binkley. Thanks for any help.

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DATE: 15 Jul 2011
QUERY: Anna Frech was born 28 Mar 1824 in Fairfield Co., OH and died 12 Apr 1891 in Jay Co., IN. She married Jacob Asa Bibler on 23 Nov 1843 in Fairfield Co. I am seeking information about her family-names, dates, locations, etc. If you have information to share about this family, I would be very grateful! Please email jam1941@gmail.com.

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DATE: 15 Jul 2011
QUERY: I am looking for information on the Berry family. Joel Berry, born 24 Jun 1810 in Rockingham County, VA, died 10 Jul 1894 in Boone County, NE. At an early age, he moved with his parents to Fairfield County, Ohio. He lived there approx 20 years – he married Mary Befler (could be Bixler) on 2 Sep 1830. He then moved to Seneca County, Ohio remaining there 16 years. He moved to Noble County, Indiana until 1855 and then moved to Richard County, Wisconsin. He moved to Boone County, Nebraska in 1871. He had the following children, Joshua, Elizabeth, Magdalena (my ancester), Emily, Isabella, Mary and Samuel. I am wanting any info that I can find – I am really wanting to know who Joel’s parents were. There is a Joel Berry who died in 1810 in Fairfield County, Ohio but I have not been able to verify that this is my Joel’s father. Thanking you in advance - Sue

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DATE: 22 Jul 2011
QUERY: Date:22 July 2011 I am looking for the parents of Effie Stoneburner from FairField County. Effie Stoneburner b 1838-1924 Married Noah Heft b 1835-1910 Buried in Wright Cemetery Liberty Township Henry Co. They had 6 children Luther 1871-1955, George 1844, Charles 1868-1949, Charley 1871-1943, Sarah Jane 1874-1943, Mary Jane. Mary Jane Heft married Bennet Frederick who had a son Reuben Wilder Frederick who was my Grand Father. Effie Stoneburner would be my GGG Grandmother I would like any information about her parents or if she had any sisters or brothers. Thank You Debbie Wilson

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DATE: 07 Aug 2011
QUERY: Seeking information on George Snyder (b in PA or MD 1792-1863 d in Thurston), who according to Graham\'s History of Ffield Co came here from Rockingham VA (dates vary in census etc., 1823 and 1828...there\'s also a George Snider in Walnut TWP in the 1820 census). He was married to Anna Marie Plecker (1802-1880). Both are buried in the Thurston Primitive Baptist Cemetery with a great many other Snyders including son John (1818-1884). According to Graham, John was born in Rockingham, but there are no records of his birth there (nor of any marriage between George and Anna Marie there either). In addition to John, George and Anna Marie's children also include Jacob (1823- ); Nancy Mary (1820 -); Saranah (1832 - ); George W. (1834 - ); and David (1836-1877). John married twice: first to Abigale Hite and their children were Lewis B (1846-1914); George Lemuel (1847-1899) and John Ranson (1848-1922). After Abigale\'s death he married Margaret Harris and their children were William M (1854-1941); Mary Almeda (1856-1940); Dillon Henry (1859 - ); daughter (1860-1863); Edward D (1860 - 1896), who was my ggrandfather; and Eugene (1863-1863). Would love to know if anyone has any history regarding the origin and arrival of the Snyders (who seemed to come in that wave of immigration through Rockingham in 1820s and 1830s). And are any related Snyders now living in the Lancaster area including Walnut TWP? I\'ve been able to follow them through all the census reports, but of course the path becomes cold after the 1930 census...and city directories indicate plenty of Snyders, but there\'s no way of knowing if they\'re related. Many thinks for contacting me if you have any family information.

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DATE: 25 Aug 2011
QUERY: Major Joseph Robb died in Fayette County, Ohio on October 14, 1830. He was on a business trip and lived in Lexington Kentucky. Would like to find an obit and burial place of Major Robb.
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DATE: 05 Sep 2011
QUERY: Samuel PONSLER born Oct 13, 1782 in Pennsylvania and died between 1820-1830 in Fairfield Co., OH. He was married to Maria BRAUN. In the 1820 census Samuel PONSLER is listed as: Samuel PONSLER 1820 Fairfield Co., OH
4 males to the age of 10 Born between 1809-1820
1 male 26-45 Born between 1794-1775
1 female 10-15 Born between 1805-1810
1 female 16-26 Born between 1794-1804
So he had at least five children can anyone name them? Did he have a will or is there something comparable to Ophan Court Records in Pennsylvania that would tell me, where the children ended up or what their names were? I know this is early so probably his cemetery stone is unreaable. I think two of the children were Solomon and Isaac. Any suggestions on finding his children?

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DATE: 05 Sep 2011
QUERY: Anna Levering was born in 1854, supposedly in Lancaster, Ohio. She married Edward Leo Kempf around 1874 - 1876. Edward lived in Somerset Ohio and their permanent home became Somerset. I would like to find record of her birth and/or their marriage. (I have a great deal of information from Somerset, Perry, Ohio for this couple.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Joy McMullen

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