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If you want to have your queries added to the Fairfield County Chapter of OGS site, you've found the right site. We ask that you please read the requirements below before filling in the information.

1. The queries that are being placed on this page must be about someone from Fairfield County, Ohio.
2. If you have submitted queries to our site in the past, and you are just changing your e-mail address, please E-mail corrections to webmaster@fairfieldgenealogy.org
3. When adding information in the boxes below, please use capital letters for the SURNAMES. It makes your message easier to find.
4. Information provided in the SURNAMES INDEXED box will appear at the beginning of your message.
5. If you have submitted your queries recently, but they have not been added to our list yet , please do not resubmit them at this time. The web site is usually updated once a week.

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